Nisha Yadav

Talent lead @ Helsinki Business Hub

It takes an international to see an international

The Finnish capital has entered the game of international talent attraction later than Copenhagen and Stockholm, but has done a remarkable job in the past years. Within two years, it geared up to attract international talent from all over the world.

Nisha, talent lead at Helsinki Business Hub, is originally from India, and she knows all too well the importance of making a place like Finland feel like home. Nisha exemplifies Helsinki’s dedication for going above and beyond the usual approach. Eg. in leveraging the power of current international talent to attract more talent and outbound targeting both on- and offline: going to career events in countries like Russia, India and others. 


Nisha is a decade long recruitment professional with extensive experience in the IT field. Her motto of “working towards bringing great minds together,” has clearly been one that she takes seriously. Upon becoming the Talent Advisor for Helsinki Business Club, she has quickly proven her ability to attract the best talent from a vast network of countries. During her tenure as a recruitment professional, she has attracted talent from across every continent. Her ability to find and put the “right pieces in their right places” is something that will undoubtedly be something that will allow for Helsinki to continue attracting the best of the international talent.