Niklas Delersjo

Move to Gothenburg

“Taking a holistic approach to building relationships, makes sure that we all win the battle for talent”

Move to Gothenburg started in 2016 as a collaborative platform consisting of stakeholders from the business community, academia as well as city and region. Today, they are the frontrunner in Sweden within talent attraction and retention, developing tools and activities as well as collaborating with national authorities and giving input to the government.

Gothenburg is known for its beautiful ‘dutch-style’ canals, its proximity to the beautiful archipelago and beaches, and it’s fantastic standard of living. Sound familiar? The Hague and Gothenburg resemble a lot of each other. There is much The Hague can learn about how Gothenburg has become the place where talent wants to work in, live in and thrive in…. And vice versa! 

Attracting and retaining international talent all starts with a common understanding of what is important for global talent because of how they help us, not the other way around. With that in place, you can start. In order to succeed it requires that companies, universities, public organisations and politicians get involved and do their part in piecing together the  puzzle. It’s also important to understand what needs to be done on a national, regional or local level and how all should work together.


Niklas has been leading the Move to Gothenburg project since its inception back in 2015. His leadership has been invaluable in making multiple stakeholders from both the private and public and multiple universities work in tandem for achieving the goal of making Gothenburg exciting enough to be able to attract and retain key international talent in competition with skills magnets like San Francisco, London and Shanghai. 

Niklas is also the Vice Chairman of Venture Cup Väst, a business plan competition aimed to promote Swedish growth. Venture Cup provides entrepreneurs inspiration, education, supervision and ability to create a solid network. In addition, they provide up and coming entrepreneurs with valuable feedback on their ideas that will help lead them to future success.