Nicole van Haelst

on The Hague Talent pools initiative

The Hague Talent pools – data scientists & engineers

The Hague. The Future. The Talent.
The Hague launched a campaign to attract global talent to The Hague. Participating employers get access to qualified candidates from the pools. The approach applied is an innovation in collaborative talent attraction using a mix of social advertising, captivating conversational technology, AI profiling and place branding to show The Hague as a great city to live and work in. With many employers struggling to find talent, we researched the specific profiles that are highest in demand now and even more so in the future. The first campaign focuses on data scientists / AI professionals, with a second campaign starting soon for engineers.

Nicole leads the initiative and will share why and how it’s done. Seeing is believing! Be among the first to access the pools. 


Nicole has been co-founder (2008) and director at ICP. She transforms her ICP insights and research on the attributes of a successful talent hub into concrete solutions for individual organizations, sectors and cities/regions who are struggling with attracting and retaining global talent. The approach is most of all pragmatic: any proposed solution must be implementable within a year. ICP initiated Talent Attract The Hague with an emphasis on a talent central approach, leveraging the high quality of life and career assets and collaborative talent attraction.

Nicole is a co-founder of Lift. Lift grows talent pools at scale with qualified candidates through a mix of scalable social advertising and captivating conversational automation.