Morten King-Grubert

partner @ Future Place Leadership

Place Branding is about people and making an impact, make yourself seen!

Trends and challenges: How can a place (region) attract and retain international talents? What does it take to be at the forefront of talent attraction in 2020 as a region? What are the key mistakes others have made that you should avoid?

I feel that every day we as a country, metropolis or city must prove to my wife and the thousands of other international people in our region that we are worthy of their efforts. They have relocated from thousands of miles to be part of our world. We are dependent on their great contribution to the multicultural, diverse and innovative society that we need”


Morten King-Grubert is a serial entrepreneur and current director of talent attraction and business development at the Nordic place management consultancy Future Place Leadership. He has helped cities, regions and countries in Europe and beyond reach their target group within place branding, talent attraction and ambassador networks. He is also a faculty member at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad where he teaches courses in innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership. His previous companies include Creamfinance, a financial services company, that was ranked the second fastest growing company in Europe with over 5 million euros of revenue annually. 

His extensive understanding of the challenges and tenacity needed to build multiple startups gives him unparalleled knowledge of the startup landscape. Coupled this with his work in co-authoring the groundbreaking book, ‘Innovating Talent Attraction’ published in 2016 by Upress, Morten is uniquely knowledgeable in the field of talent attraction.