Mateu Hernández

Barcelona Global

Barcelona Global, a civic platform to make Barcelona a city of talent and economic activity.

Barcelona Global is a fully private non for profit civic organization with more than 1000 members among companies, research centers, universities, cultural institutions, entrepreneurs and professionals aiming to make Barcelona one of the best cities of the world for talent and economic activity, Focused into action it develops several programs on city branding and talent attraction, creation and retention.  


Mateu Hernández is the CEO of Barcelona Global, a non profit independent association made up of more than 800 members with the mission to make Barcelona one of the best cities in the world for talent and economic activity. International expert on local development. He is and has been advisor of several cities like NY, Oslo, Torino or London and organizations like the Smart City World Expo and Congress or the OECD. Mateu has also been the CEO for economic development for the city of Barcelona and CEO of its local development agency, Barcelona Activa.