Geert Jan Waasdorp

CEO and founder @ the Intelligence Group

Access to Talent… if it makes you lie awake at night…

An increasing number of business owners, HR professionals and the regional acquisition partners is short of talent. It’s a risk to growth…. For their business, city or region. The ICP Talent Observatory looks for answers to basically three questions: What are the most wanted profiles? Where can we find them, in NL and abroad? and, How to attract them with the live-career assets we have on offer? 

One of the attributes of a successful Talent Attraction and Retention program is being data and technology driven. Geert Jan is the wizard of labour market data and able to provide insights. By doing so he also answers the fourth question; where do we start?


Geert Jan Waasdorp is the CEO and Founder of Intelligence Group, a research and data firm, specializing in global recruitment intelligence and recruitment marketing. Geert leverages the power of technology to gather the right kind of data in order to deliver insights about the best way to attract the ever-increasingly important right talent.

He has also founded numerous other companies that include the leading Masterclass program in The Netherlands, a proprietary algorithm that surveys labor market, as well one of the leading websites in the field of recruitment marketing, employer branding and recruitment