Bas Verkerk

Acting Mayor of Rijswijk

The role and responsibilities of local government to support & stimulate businesses and society towards a new steady state in the regional economy.

Mr. Bas Verkerk, acting Mayor of Rijswijk,  is a dedicated governor and politician, public servant and community organizer.  He will share his views on the crucial role of local government to invest and transform towards intelligent reopening and recovery for the greater The Hague – Rotterdam region.


Bas Verkerk is Dutch politician of the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD). He was among other duties, Mayor of Delft between 2004-2016. He took care of optimal cooperation and relationships between knowledge institutes and the corporate world at a global level.  He  will serve the public as the Acting Mayor of Rijswijk beginning on 1st of October 2020. Mr Verkerk received his law degree from the University of Groningen.