Bobby Bahov

CEO and co-founder AI Lab One

Take a look in the mirror: false expectations on the data science labor market 

What is the gap in expectations regarding work between AI / data science talent and employers? And, how do we close this gap to increase conversion to hires and help The Hague Rotterdam region become a future headliner in this domain?

AI Lab One partners with ICP, Lift and The Hague in creating the Data Scientist Talent Pool and initiates the first free AI Academy in the region. Learn more about how to access both!


Bobby left Bulgaria in 2014 to pursue a Masters in Business Information Management at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Upon graduation he (co-)founded businesses in the field of Artificial Intelligence | Space resources | Exponential technologies | Sustainable Development Goals. 

AI Lab One, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) product creator and service developer in The Hague, organizes multiple innovation programs related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.