The international business community articulating 
Intelligent Re-opening and New Hague.

The international business community articulating
Intelligent Re-opening and New Hague.

SPEAKERS Learn the best from the best

Marjan van Loon

Marjan will share how they tackled the crisis so far and the opportunities that arose.

Frits Bussemaker

Frits appeals for an active role of the City of Peace and Justice in fostering online accountability.

Nicole van Haelst

Leads employers to co-create ‘Places for Good’; safe, fun and healthy places beyond office walls.

Jorick Beijer

Looks at the topic of “Covid19 and The City as a Campus: Shifting Purpose in Corporate Real Estate

Bruno Lanvin

Will discuss how this crisis has impacted assessing levels of innovation and competitiveness

Sara Kemppainen

Sara amplifies the voice of professionals that have to navigate the uncertainty of our post-covid age.

Marcus Andersson

Marcus will take us on a vigorous journey of re-imagining placemaking in post-covidean times.

Herbert ten Have

Will share what scaling an innovative business in the parcel industry looks like in times of crisis.

Bas Verkerk

The role and responsibilities of local government to support & stimulate businesses and society towards a new steady state in the regional economy.


Top priorities for New Hague

During the ICP Captains’ Conference 2020 the international business community will share what they’ve done so far to tackle the crisis, how employer-led collaboration is crucial for arriving at the ‘Intelligent Re-Opening’ and an improved post Covid-19 society.

Did the employers find opportunities in this adversity?

The crisis puts pressure on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The City of Peace & Justice has built a reputation in fostering accountability in the digital age. Are we willing to turn up our efforts for a safer, more just, and equitable world?  

The employers will invite the other stakeholders at the table too – leaders from the government, the service industry, media, global talent, and knowledge institutes – to address the interdependencies on the road to a new and more resilient economy. 

Places attract talent. But, the crisis has an impact on the meaning of ‘Place’. Exactly how? What criteria moved up in the talent attraction & innovation rankings? And, now employees turned their bedrooms into new remote workplaces, How to use the ‘redundant’ office space for good?

The dialogue will touch upon new leadership skills required to manage the emergent complexities, nurture ecosystems and strengthen good governance. 

The ultimate goal is to accelerate the transition towards ‘Places for Good’: inclusive, resilient and sustainable cities and regions that enable purpose-first businesses and the societies they serve.

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ICP Captains’ Conference 2020?

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…. by our guests at the table – leaders from business, government, the service industry, media, global talent and knowledge institutes. Gain insights into how they manage their interdependencies to increase well-being in the communities they serve. 

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…. to become steward for New Hague. Because…businesses cannot thrive in societies that fail. Join the employer-led transition towards ‘Places for Good’.